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46 Hobbies 业余爱好 (5分钟)

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Passage   46  Hobbies  业余爱好
1.A gifted American psychologist has said, 'Worry is a spasm of the emotion; the mind catches hold of something and will not let it go.'
2. It is useless to argue with the mind in this condition.
3. The stronger the will, the more futile the task.
4.One can only gently insinuate something else into its convulsive grasp.
5.And if this something else is rightly chosen, if it really attended by the illumination of another field of interest, gradually, and often quite swiftly, the old undue grip relaxes and the process of recuperation and repair begins.
6.The cultivation of a hobby and new forms of interest is therefore a policy of the first importance to a public man.
7.But this is not a business that can be undertaken in a day or swiftly improvised by a mere command of the will.
8.The growth of alternative mental interests is a long process.
9.The seeds must by carefully chosen; they must fall on good ground; they must be sedulously tended, if the vivifying fruits are to be at hand when needed.
10.To be really happy and really safe, one ought to have at least two or three hobbies, and they must all be real.
11.It is no use starting late in life to say: 'I will take an interest in this or that.'
12.Such an attempt only aggravates the strain of mental effort.
13.A man may acquire great knowledge of topics unconnected with his daily work, and yet get hardly any benefit or relief.
14.It is no use doing what you like; you have got to like what you do.
15.Broadly speaking, human beings may be divided into three classes: those who are toiled to death, those who are worried todeath,and those who are bored to death.
16.It is no use offering the manual labourer,tried out with a hard week's sweat and effort, the chance of playing a game of football or baseball or Saturday afternoon.
17.It is no use inviting the politician or the professional or business man, who has beer working or worrying about serious things for six days, to work or worry about trifling things at the weekend.
18.As for the unfortunate people who can command everything they want, who can gratify every caprice and lay their hands on almost every object of desire -- for them a new pleasure, a new excitement if only an additional satiation.
19.In vain they rush frantically round from place to place, trying to escape from avenging boredom by mere clatter and motion.
20.For them discipline in one form or another is the most hopeful path.
21.It may also be said that rational, industrious, useful human being are divided into two classes: first, those whose work is work and whose pleasure is pleasure;and seondly,those whose work and pleasure are one..
22.Of these the former are the majority.
23.They have their compensations.
24.The long hours in the office or the factory bring with them as their reward, not only the means of sustenance, but a keen appetite for pleasure even in its simplest and most modest forms.
25. But Fortune's favoured children belong to the second class. 
26.Their life is a natural harmony.
27.For them the working hours are never long enough.
28.Each day is a holiday, and ordinary holidays, when they come, are grudged as enforced interruptions in an absorbing vocation.
29.Yet to both classes, the need of an alternative outlook, of a change of atmosphere, of a diversion of effort, is essential.
30.Indeed, it may well be that those work is their pleasure are those who and most need the means of banishing it at intervals from their minds.
New words and expressions 生词和短语
gifted  天才的
psychologist 心理学家
worry  烦恼
spasm 发作
emotion 感情
catches hold of 纠缠住(catch的第三人称单数)
useless 无济于事
argue with 争吵
in this condition 在这种情况下
will 意志
futile 徒劳的
gently 缓和地
insinuate 巧妙地进入
convulsive 痉挛僵持的
grasp 头脑理解
chosen 选择(过去分词)
illumination  启迪
field 领域
gradually 渐渐地
swiftly 顺利地
undue 不适当的
grip 紧张
recuperation 恢复
cultivation 培养
hobby 业余爱好
a policy of  ...的做法
public 从事社会活动的
business  事情
undertaken 开始进行(过去分词)
swiftly  很快地
improvised 临时做成地(过去分词)
mere 仅仅的
command 掌握
alternative 多种的
mental 精神上
process 过程
seeds 种子(复数)
fall on 种植
sedulously 勤勉地
tended 护理(过去分词)
vivifying 充满生机的(ing形式)
at hand  随手获得的
at least 至少
hobbies 爱好(复数)
attempt 愿望
aggravates 加剧(第三人称单数)
strain 紧张
acquire 获得
knowledge 知识
topics 课题(复数)
unconnected with 与...无关
benefit 益处
relief 宽慰
broadly 泛泛地
human beings 人类
be divided into 被分成
classes 类(复数)
toiled 劳累地(过去分词)
bored 无聊的(过去分词)
manual 体力
labourer 劳动者
sweat 干苦活
politician 政界人士
professional 专业人员
has been working 已经工作了(现在完成时)
trifling 琐碎的(ing形式)
unfortunate 不幸的,可怜的
command 支配
gratify 使高兴
caprice 任性
lay 抓住
pleasure 乐趣
excitement 刺激
additional 额外增加的
vain 徒劳的
frantically 疯狂地
from place to place 到处
escape from 摆脱
avenging 报复(ing形式)
clatter 闲聊
motion 乱窜
discipline 约束
rational 理智的
industrious 勤劳的
are divided into 被分成
pleasure 娱乐
the former 前者
majority 大多数
compensations 补偿(复数)
bring with 带来
reward 酬劳
not only ...but不仅...而且
the means of 手段
sustenance 谋生
keen appetite 强烈的欲望
even 甚至
simplest 简单的
modest 低等的
favoured children 宠儿
belong to 属于
the second class第二类人
natural 自然的
harmony 和谐
never 总不
long enough 太长(定语后置)
holiday 假日
ordinary 通常的
grudged 舍不得
enforced 强制的
interruptions 打断(复数)
absorbing 埋头从事的(ing形式)
yet 然而
the need of 需要
alternative 可转变地
outlook 想法
atmosphere 气氛
diversion 转移
essential 不可缺少的
indeed 说实在的
pleasure 享受
banishing 撇开(ing形式)
at intervals 隔一段时间





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